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We survive more in Online world these days and the information also comes from internet. Isn’t it? The scheme behind Infopedia is same- to get you exactly the information you are looking at! What’s the difference- every other site is doing same…flooding you with information and even more of it.

The difference we seek to bring in, is real time information. We aspire to encompass pool of people who write about what they do. Here it’s not Mr. Know-it-all theory. We understand different people have different expertise and we aim to have them here to talk about their niche area and help others through first hand info. And the amazing fact here is people can actually get in touch with them should they wish to seek further information on that particular area

The verbosity of introducing team often gets rhetoric and the idea kind of appears silly  especially when it’s just a start-up and there happens to exists far better experts in this WORLD of  online domain. But then in this era of dependency on devices, people tend to connect more with a personal touch. So here we go to let you get friendly with us 🙂

Welcome to the Infopedia!



   ~ Content Management

   A Digital Marketing Professional on a hiatus. Blogging to end Luxury!. An avid reader, loves to socialise and delve into discussions around culture diversity and spirituality.


Saba Qasim

Saba Qasim is a graduate in psyhology and MBA in Human Resource. She started her career as a teaching faculty in a managemnet college and currently dabbling her interests into blogging world.



 Guest Bloggers

 All the amazing people who are backbone of this blog and are doing great in their respective  fields