Career Counselling

career counselling

Are you countering similar questions when it comes to career? If there’s even a shred of doubt in your response, consider career counselling for help.

What is Career Counselling?

 Career Counselling can be referred to as scientifically designed aptitude tests that help students discover their own arena of interest. With career counselling they get guidance on different fields which help to make a more informed choice. Thus, they are able to choose a field in which they are more likely to succeed.

How it Works ?

How Career Counselling Works

The time from 10th to 12th grade is the most stressful for students as this is the time when one decides which stream to choose which would later on define his career. But at the age of merely 15 or 16 students are not sure of what to become in life. It is a decision often taken under parental pressure or they end up choosing what their friends decide.

Moreover, students are not fully aware of the pros and cons of different fields and many times they end choosing the wrong career and after some time in life they try to make a career jump which is even more stressful and also not always feasible, at least in India.

Too many students/parents assume they can do the job themselves and end up with results that are irrational and disappointing. With the help of career counselling, you’re more likely to end up with results that actually fit into your calibre. In fact the earlier you start making premeditated decisions about your future the better prepared you are in life.

Benefits of Career Counselling

  1. Discover your aptitude: Career counselling help student realize their potential and true aptitude.
  2. Objective Guidance: Sometimes a kid grows up with a preconceived notion that “ I must become an engineer because my father is one.” Good counselling can help annihilate such notions and help the person to see the individual he really is.
  3. Settle the confusion: Often thoughts like “ I don’t know what to do.” come into the minds of students. Counselling helps to bring clarity of thoughts and set realistic and achievable goals. It helps identify the interests and accordingly pick subjects and finally the right career.
  4. Source of Information: It can be that student decides on a particular career option but he is not sure of how to qualify for it academically. Counsellors have knowledge and help you locate the resources of career information, determine the next steps and develop an action plan to achieve your goals.
  5. Develop your skills: A career counsellor can assist you to develop decision making and strategizing skills, coping with fear and anxiety, deal with rejections and hence building up self confidence and surety about oneself.

 How a Career Counsellor can help?

Once you are done with career counselling tests, you more or less get the idea of your potential. But in any given career choice, there comes a varied arena of options which further brings you to the loop of confusion.

When it comes to career, there are an overwhelming number of options to choose from when establishing which field you should choose. While it’s great to have options, it can be difficult to narrow them down to the best selection for your ability, talent and feasibility. A career counsellor can help eliminate options that aren’t a practical fit.

 We believe career counsellor is one who has hands on experience in the industry with a practical knowledge of current trends. This is necessary as only then a counsellor would be able to help a confused mind clear his thoughts and help them  come to a lucid decision in career selection process.