Career Options in Content Writing

The growth of the internet and digital marketing space has led to the emergence of a whole new career option that was unheard off 5 years back, ‘Content Writing’.  An offbeat career that gives you the flexibility of time, choice of work place and a chance to earn some extra income is gaining popularity.

content Writing as careerWhat is Content Writing?

At the onset, one needs to understand what content writing is.  When you open a webpage, the articles and posts you see are referred to as content and ones writing them after conducting research are referred to as the content writers.  Every business small or big today needs web presence; brands need web presence to sell online and hence come about the growing need for content writers. 

What it takes to be a good Content Writer?

The amount of time a reader spends on a website depends a lot on the quality of content and hence to be a good content writer, one needs to be intellectually sound so as to be able to create quality content based on research on a particular topic.  It also goes without saying apart from quality, originality of content is equally important and one must ensure to produce content that is plagiarism free.Career in Content Writing

Qualifications and Eligibility

For a bright career in content writing field, one does not need to pass any specific exams, however to be employed as a content writer in a firm, graduation with a sound knowledge of English and grammar along with a flair for writing is normally treated as a mandate.  Journalism, Mass Communication and Media students are often preferred for content writing jobs.  The main skills required for one to pursue a successful career research analysis and web content management.

In India this stream is relatively new and hence not many institutions are offering formal courses in content writing.  However there are some courses that one can look at to enhance their content writing skills:

Wavelength’s Instructional Design & Content Writing Certificate (IDCWC) Course at Noida (Delhi NCR, India):  This course module is designed specifically for graduates who wish to pursue a serious career in content writing, giving them training on how e writing works. Visit wavelength’s instructional design and content writing certificate course for more details.

Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and Communication:  A special course specialized in creative writing is offered here that has workshops that enable individuals to excel in the field of creative writing.  Visit here for more details

Apart from these there are institutions that provide similar courses such as:

  • K Film and Media Academy
  • Center for Research in Art and Film & Television(CRAFT)
  • Krishna Kanta Handiqui State Open University(KKHSOU)
  • Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU)

When taking up any of these courses, students must bear in mind that writing cannot be taught and it is important for students to understand whether or not they have a flair for the profession before getting into the same.

Career in Content WritingCareer Options in Content Writing

Content writing is one career choice that can empower one with job flexibility and freedom to be your own boss.  One can work full time as a freelancer and get assignments or work in a firm in any of these positions depending on how you see your career shaping up in this space of writing.  Different roles that are open for content writers are:

  • Marketing / Web Content Writer:  Writing content for brands in the digital space.
  • Technical Writer:  Writing technical or product specific content
  • SEO Specialist:  One who can effectively market content by effectively using keywords and showing up the web page at top of search engine pages
  • Manager Content Delivery: Where one handles a team of content writers and ensures timely delivery of bulk content to clients

To be successful as a freelancer in content writing, one needs to depend largely on opportunities and options that come by via personal and professional networks.  If one is not very persuasive, it may even result in unsteady income, which is the only negative in this profession.

Pay scale and Salary

content writing careerSince career in content writing is a relatively new profession, experience is not really a hindrance for candidates at any point.  This profession that drives completely on merit of an individual and so do the pay scales.  The salary of a content writer starts at about 10,000 to 12,000 per month and can really go up depending upon the writer’s calibre to deliver content at a speed.

Before one makes this choice of career in Content Writing, it is important for one to understand their potential in the field because like we said before, writing is not an expertise that can be taught, it has to come from within.


Written by Sarita Vivek

Sarita Vivek

Freelance Blogger, Content Writer and Social media consultant.
A hard core marketing enthusiast now exploring the digital marketing world through my passion for writing. With a career as a Content writer, I pursue my interests by writing on topics that I have always read about.

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