How to Balance your CBSE Boards & JEE/NEET 2018 preparation perfectly?

Now with six months at hand , students are really stressed out to strike a balance between CBSE BOARDS & JEE/NEET 2018 preparation. The conundrum is about where to focus and how to go about it. Many of you will get advice between choosing one over other. And many would advice to balance both and come out with flying colours in both exams. But the million dollar question is what’s the key to that ‘balance’ and what is that secret ingredient that winners follow.

Don’t waste time searching for that ‘one’ secret to achieve success, good marks or your goals. There’s a process to everything and no one can jump that. Every student has to struggle through it.

Goals cbse NEET jee

Amateurs have a million plans and they all start tomorrow. Professionals work hard on a single plan detail by detail. Thinking big is overrated. Ninety-nine percent of success is to get the work done.

Let’s make Time-Table for you to balance CBSE BOARDS & JEE/NEET 2018 preparation

Students often ponder about drafting a time table to make studies happen in right direction. But most of the time either it takes lots of effort or leave student confused how to make one ad how to streamline things. Here we will help you with time table assuming you are attending coaching 4 days a week(Monday-Thursday) after school between 4-7 pm

Weekly Target –

18 hours for competitive exams
14 hours for CBSE Boards



Above mentioned time table will be a great help for you to make your studies systematic and remain focussed. On weekdays revise your coaching lessons for one hour and study for school for 2 hours . On Fridays and Saturdays , give afternoon 3 hours to competitive exam preparation and follow same schedule at night. On Sunday spend 6 hours for preparation of competitive exams. Sunday is a crucial day of week . Don’t go for any new topic on Sunday . Solve good quality questions and revise whole syllabus covered during week

On Sundays night dedicate whole 3 hours for board exams

Line of difference between how CBSE Boards & JEE/NEET 2018 Preparation

Board exams are generally subjective and NCERT based . If you analyse 2017 JEE Mains question paper, level of questions isn’t very tough , it’s about your approach with respect to how fast you can solve and how well prepared you are to deal with objective questions .

Few Tips for CBSE Boards & JEE/NEET 2018 Preparation

Beware of advices

–  Nothing offensive but stay away from teachers who advise to focus on Boards only and consider competitive exams in following year. Just like both exams are important, your time is also precious.
 Talk to people who have lived it and not merely talking without being into your shoes ever. For example when I sat to wrote I took tips from my husband who is a senior physics teacher in Aakash Medical Coaching. And being from the industry he has coached ample of students and knows in and out of preparation of both the exams. I would have done Google search but that would have been misleading as I doubt if it’s mere advice or expert talks.

Last but very important– Know that it’s not the end. Despite of all the efforts if somehow you don’t manage to get through it, know that you are made for something more beautiful. Move on!
Let me draw a picture for you….

Boards and jee/NEET are just exams

This picture is from BWF world championship 2017 where PV Sandhu was narrowly defeated by Japanese player Okuhara. What do you think Sandhu lacked? They both are top class player, got best coaches in the world, best equipments, and dedication but still one had to loose. Sometimes it wasn’t for you simply. It’s not end of the world. But take yourself to that level first and accept whatever may be the outcome!

Folks if you are facing any difficulty in striking a balance between CBSE Boards & JEE/NEET 2018 preparation, feel free to contact us and we will put best of our effort to help you fulfil your dream. Just leave us a comment below

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