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One fine day you get to know about new addition in your family. So get set for planning. By the time you are out of hospital expenses, you get to care for new baby’s clothes, rooms, toys, and what not. When you think all is now settled, babies grow up and you need to think about schooling.

Now that everything is aligned in a perfect way, kids going to school, doing well in studies, getting smarter day by day, you realise that time flies- it keeps adding. Now it’s time for college, higher studies, marriage and what not. More expenses!

There is a bridge in Scotland called the Firth of Forth Bridge. It is said that the work of painting at the bridge never stops. Because by the time the job is completed, the other end of the bridge where the painting work began is in need of a fresh coat, and so on.

Raising children is like the Firth of Forth Bridge. Once you start on them they seem never to stop, with one planning leading to next planning in the seemingly never-ending task of giving your kid a bright future and paving the way of success for them. Of course there is an end. It’s called bankruptcy. So are you ready to deal with your children’s aspirations?

Do Your Homework!

The theme of this entire blog is to enlighten students regarding various courses, colleges and education trends. But here in this blog post, we intend to call out parents as to how spruced up they are financially and emotionally to give shoulder to their children’s aspiration and future. The idea striked me when last month I happened to came across a Twitter campaign “Do your Homework” intended for parents. It was quite creative.

The campaign is aimed towards parents rather a call to action to let them do their homework not just in terms of finding out the dream career of their children but also to find out overall expenses and plan out for them. With this mindset, thus an educational campaign was created by Axis Mutual Fund to create awareness among parents. Children and parents were met by the Axis Mutual Fund team to understand parents’ perspective and how they plan future of their child.  

It might be too early for kids projecting their career goals but it was interesting to note that how enlightened children are these days. Unlike our times, they are not just medical and engineering generation. They envision things beyond this and plethora of career stands wide open in front of them with no geographical boundaries.

Think Ahead

With such exuded energy of this generation, self-assessment for parents takes a centre place. Self assessment is not really restricted to present, it is also about taking a long look ahead at your kid’s career goals and framing plans for child’s future. So make a wishlist and assess your financial status.

There is no denying the fact that education cost is sky-rocketing. Where rising school fees trouble us, in a decade, I wonder where the colleges fees will go. 

Many of us repeatedly let it go. Reasons could be many- procrastination, carelessness, complexities of investing, no awareness about different investment opportunities or simply mindset of borrowing when need be. And, if you are one of them then below two figures are for you which for sure will help you realise what is best for you and your children’s future.

So What this #DoYourHomework all about?

Walking parents through the Why, the How & the What factors; #DoYourHomeowork is an interactive online platform that enables parents to find out education costs for various careers across various countries both in the current and in the future. also suggests the ideal amount one should invest in order to meet the future requirements.

The platform also hosts interesting content around planning and investments. An online test elaborates on cost that entails towards dream career and how it can be achieved through smart investments schemes by the time your children reach age to achieve their goals.

Axis Mutual Fund have been been educating investors about merits of sharing less with the taxman, through their previous ELSS Initiative. Lately their creative initiative to spread awareness about smart investment for childrens’ future was seen in #DoYourHomework campaigns at Crossword bookstores and Kidzania carried out all across the country in 10 cities covering 1000 parents who have children between the age group of 4 & 12 years. 

True to its role, we think will trigger the planning mode in parents in the right direction. As a parent have you invested already or yet to take a step? Please share your ideas in comments below for how you plan to invest for your child’s aspiration. Take the test at #DoYourHomework platform and let us know if it is of help to you.

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