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Original sin was not the apple that Eve ate, it was her belief that Adam needed to share precisely the thing she had tasted. Eve was afraid to follow her path without someone to help her, and so she wanted to share what she was feeling.

These are the lines by my favorite author and it intrigues me always. How can someone be so apt and subtle to express a complexity of life in sucha thought provoking way.

This theory applies to parents as well. We want our kids to follow the foot prints that we have taken or could not pursue. We project our kids to follow the trail and go forward but ‘only’ in that particular direction (that once they have sketched). For our teenagers, we teach them dining table manners-directions of spoons and forks, which shirt button to fasten, when and how to smile/laugh? Which career to choose? Which subject to choose? Sport choice. Extracurricular activity selection, when to sleep, eat, think …and list is endless…


I am not saying it’s wrong. But as a parent we are taking it way TOO seriously. We are becoming a Control Freak. Our younger generation is entangled into a different world; they have different set of problems and at the same needs different approach to be raised.


The other day I stumbled upon a piece on one of the FB groups where mother had a meaningful discussion with his teenage son. He made a very relevant observation. As a parent, any heartache begins because of attachment. He feels that parents should guide children till they are adults and once they grow up they should intervene only when they need help. It’s true to a large extent. We get so involved with our children’s lives that everything in their life affects us. If the child has been groomed well he will handle himself well. Let him learn from failures, achievements, distractions and experiences. In doing so, He will have no pressure to perform and explain to someone why things didn’t work. You can always have a talk with children and tell them of your experiences but don’t judge them. Let them evolve….let them not be like you or someone else. I feel in doing this we will come of age as modern parents.


Being responsible parents we should assist our children with something they can’t choose on their own.

A Healthy Wall ! A healthy atmosphere

What is it? It’s not only positive vibes at home but positivity and purity everywhere. When we were looking for a house our prime focus was good environment and green surroundings so that our kids could breathe pure air and have good time. And we choose that in a smart way.

royale atmos-kids home


In this ostentatious world, where everything is counted on outer facet, we also didn’t think about the environment offered inside the apartment. Come on let’s face it; we don’t live in mudded house anymore which was symbol of natural purity. We live in cemented world and painted houses.


TV Advertisement can also enlighten


A few days back I saw this advertisement of Royale Atmos by Asian Paints. Its tag line was something that took my attention- To Breathe clean air at home , Start with your Paint. Now, I am in that phase of life where I look for healthy lifestyle leaving aside my let-go nature of yesteryears when only thing that mattered was fun and taste and feel good factor. Moved by the tag-line, I researched a bit more about this paint.

So, What’s unique about Royale Atmos?

Royale Atmos is a first of its kind paint that not only looks beautiful, but also cleans the air making it purer than before. Its Activated Carbon technology reduces harmful pollutants from the air. Additionally, Royale Atmos also absorbs and reduces select foul smells to make the air fresher. Royale Atmos is the first Asian Paints product to have a fragrance, instead of the normal chemical smell of paints. Thus, it also acts like an air freshener by releasing a mild fragrance weeks after painting.


  • It reduces a harmful air pollutant, formaldehyde, and makes the indoor air healthier to breathe.
  • It absorbs various odours like cigarette smoke, rotten eggs, ammonia and garlic therefore making the indoor air fresh to breathe.
  • It emits a soothing fresh fragrance.
  • Activated Carbon is the revolutionary technology that powers Royale Atmos and helps it in purifying indoor air.
  • The promise of Green Assure from Asian Paints, implies that this product conforms to strict international environmental and safety standards.
  • It comes in a rich Matt finish which makes your walls look perfect.


As a kid we didn’t have opportunity to be exposed to such kind of paints but we really don’t think of extending such things to our kids. On the contrary we consider only those materialistic things that we could not do or get through our kids –  Dream career, Dream college, perfect lifestyle etc.


What my point here in this article is- Certain things cannot be shared. Nor can we be afraid of the oceans into which we plunge of our own free will; fear cramps everyone’s style. Man goes through hell in order to understand this.


Love your children, but let’s not try to possess them.


We want to sketch the wall of our kids’ life ourselves. Let’s change it. Paint the wall to let them breathe Clean Air at home and leave the wall blank. Let our kids sketch their own pure wall with quality foundation marked through quality paints.



I haven’t got mine painted yet but plans to do it soon. How about you?


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Written by Iram


A Digital Marketing Professional on a hiatus. Blogging to end Luxury!.
An avid reader, loves to socialise and delve into discussions around culture diversity and spirituality.

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  1. Shalzzz says:

    What a beautiful idea! All the best for the contest 🙂
    Kohl Eyed Me
    Something’s Cooking

  2. nuttynupur says:

    Nupur ce. Kids should get freedom from the word go I agree.

  3. sonia_pfc says:

    All the best for the contest 🙂 and about getting the house painted, we got it done last year, so giving it a skip this year

  4. I have been following discussions and ads on tv on the same topic and thinking to write on the same. “Love your children, but let’s not try to possess them.” very well said.
    All the best for the contest!

  5. Anand Sharma says:

    It was a beautiful post… All valid points. All the best for the contest.

  6. Great post. I agree with all your insights. The pain looks promising. Happy to connect with you for #MyFriendAlexa !!!

  7. SIPGullak says:

    great point about control freakiness of parents… hope we all can let our hair down and let the kids paint the town red

  8. Aesha says:

    We need to learn to let go and let children learn on their own. You have very rightly expressed .

  9. I believe children need to be given excellent life skills .But no handholding .That wI’ll maka them stong. .

  10. making our kids live a life we cldnt is the worst idea to follow. live and let live. let them carve their paths! beautiful and all the best!

  11. Obsessivemom says:

    This paint sounds like a good concept with a fresh fragrance and odour absorbing capacity. Worth a thought.

  12. Shamik says:

    Nice idea Iram… This is a very nice post. Loved reading it 🙂

  13. Neha says:

    Let them evolve, let them not be like you or someone else is such an important message that we need to remember at all times.

  14. Great connection of a quote related to Adam and Eve to parenting. A lesson for lot of parents.

  15. upasna1987 says:

    Agree…We should let take their own decisions once they enter the age they are confident and able to select between right or wrong.

  16. Rashi Mital says:

    I agree with your thought of being an over-possessive parent. In fact, parents of our generation are not just over-possessive but quite overprotective too, which leaves no room for the children to learn to endure the hardships of life, in their teen years and later. We’ve just moved into our newly constructed home last year, so no whitewashing as of now. Cheers! 🙂

  17. Disha says:

    You have conveyed a wonderful message in such simple words. We should let children have control of their lives. Beautiful thoughts!

  18. Lovely post. I loved how you related childhood to this new paint which is healthy for kids. I completely agree attachment is not good. Let them fly and soar high.

  19. Gayatri says:

    Lovely post Iram. We need to let kids be. Best wishes for the contest.

  20. Neha Gupta says:

    Great points and loved the way you have correlated .. Best wishes for the contest ..

    Neha (Sharingourexperiences)

  21. Geethica says:

    Royale Atom seems to be promising. And we need freshness to breathe. Even the surroundings outside are so polluted these days. This seems to be the perfect solution.

  22. brindarana says:

    So true. We need to give them the wings of freedom

  23. anupriya says:

    Oh My God! the opening lines blew my mind away. Every inidivdual must have the courage and conviction to follow their passion alone and on their own.

  24. Varsh says:

    I liked how you connected good parenting with good atmosphere at home. Both are equally good for our kids. All the best for the contest.

  25. Sumaiya says:

    Nice writeup… and truly the greatest freedom is the freedom to make mistakes!!

  26. This paint sounds like a great innovation. It is so important to be able to breathe fresh air.

  27. ladynimue says:

    That’s a lot of food for thought. Good ideas !

  28. Danisha says:

    Asian paint is bang on with there innovation. let the read and information shared

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