World Suicide Prevention Day: Don’t lock your children in your expectations of career for them!

World suicide prevention day
Query 1
: Completed 12th in CBSE . Sir, I don’t know in which course I will shine.I AM in a CRUCIAL STAGE. so please select a course which suits to me.

AIM: To be frank – want to be a millionaire. Either by getting salary or giving salary.

Query 2
I am in class 9th. I don’t know what I like. My parents keep asking me what you want to become. Please help.

Query 3

I’m tired of giving exams..And my parents have also told me to leave engineering. I’m 23 almost with no degree! All my friends are changing jobs or getting promoted and all that..but I am NOTHING!! I’m lost!i feel ashamed of myself!no one helps so called friends make me feel worse.while browsing I came across ur site and thought you might help..

Query 4

Hi, kindly contact me via phone directly my number is 73****** I’m in trouble due to career dilemma.

And the list of these queries are endless.

As I run a career guidance website for 10-12th students, these are the set of troubled minds that I come across almost every day. These queries make me retrospect what’s going around?

Why is youth so lost? Why things are getting so materialistic?

Why only million bucks can solve all problems?
Why a tag of good institute only can earn you respect?

Perhaps these questions pop up every now and then and it’s almost cliched to raise them.

But we are either loosing precious lives or their peace of mind. So I guess it’s not bad to be vocal about them again and again.

Being a mother of two small kids, my heart aches whenever I hear stories of children dying anywhere due to any reason. I can’t even eat my meal properly that day and these FB shares of such stories keep lurching in my brain whenever I close my eyes to sleep. And this pain gets manifolds when I get to know that about suicide by young lads.. I just can’t imagine how these beautiful creatures with so much of spark in their eyes one day decide to end their life. Its not an exaggeration but my finger trembles to write on this subject (World Suicide Prevention Day) as I see my two lively kids playing whilst I am scribbling here.

My adorable kids

Why this chaos?

-Everyone is so Successful. Trust me they are not.
During a discussion with my mentor on a very famous book by Thomas Anthony Harris- l’m OK – You’re OK, he came up with a very practical version on people’s well being. He said when two people meet and greet, state is something like-

“I am fine (though i know the truth) and you are fine ( I am assuming so that you don’t trouble me more)”

Another reason which I believe is social media. Though I am a digital media person and know the truth. Yet sometimes even I fell into the vicious circle of virtual world. Seeing organised families, beautiful homes, happy infants, and on top perfect dinner pics on social media makes me believe …Am I a failure? What’s it I am lacking? How can people do so good in their lives and I can’t . Fault lies within me only.

But I come out of this shocker in a jiffy …hence I guess I haven’t gone to that depressive stage yet 🙂

These repeated posts on our timelines leaves permanent imprints in our minds subconsciously making us believe there’s nothing beyond that and only that world is- Truth.

Give yourself a REALITY check!

When you post your pics…aren’t you at your best version. If by any chance photo has any simply have magic of photoshop. Same applies to all out there.

I guess, it all stems out of pre-formed notions about life and the way people around us are conducting their’s with so much perfection…believe me, its all the same for everyone, (though philosophical but..), everyone out there is fighting a tougher battle.

You are NOT alone!

World suicide prevention day

Dear parents save your kids. They are precious. Don’t let them succumb to the societal/peer pressure. Reports says kids from happy and stable families are less likely to become prey to this suicidal tendency.

Give your children a Happy you .

On this world suicide prevention day, theme is ‘Take a minute, change a life’ . I would suggest take out time for your kids, give them a feeling of trust, practical hopes and fulfilling life come what may. Teach them to deal with all kind of predicament.

IITs/IIMs, good grades or TOP degrees are not TICKET to HAPPINESS and SUCCESS

Some facts about Suicide by Students in India.

* Every hour, one student commits suicide in India, according to 2015 data (the latest available) from the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB).

*Close to 40,000 students in India committed suicide from 2011to 2015, with 8,934 cases in 2015 alone. The number of attempted suicides, many unreported, is likely to be much higher.
*India has one of the world’s highest suicide rates for youth aged 15 to 29, according to a 2012 Lancet report, which illustrated the need for urgent interventions for this demographic.
* In the past six years, Kota which is major coaching hub has seen over 60 student suicides, with a majority of them attributed to exam failures.

Written by Iram


A Digital Marketing Professional on a hiatus. Blogging to end Luxury!.
An avid reader, loves to socialise and delve into discussions around culture diversity and spirituality.

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18 Responses

  1. Such an important topic. Thank you for reminding me to have more patience with my kids. It is a hard time. Great article!

  2. Herlina Kwee says:

    It is a sad world indeed when you hear the story of children committing suicides because or peer pressure/ cyber bullying from social media. I didn’t realize India has such a high rate of student suicide. Sometimes parents are putting way too much pressure and expectation on children by enrolling them to every activities they can think of (ballet, music, sports,etc.). I know they want the best for their kids, but they forget to take care of them emotionally. Thank you for this article.

  3. Anchal says:

    This is very serious issue. We should not pressurise kids for anything.And let them decide what id good for them

  4. Parents are supposed to understand children and not pressure them.
    The growing number of child suicides is very disturbing indeed.
    Glad you wrote on this issue.

  5. alpanadeo says:

    You have picked a very important and serious issue. Now a days in this cut throat competition and meeting parent’s expectations, kids are loosing their true identity and they are almost clueless what they are up-to. Being a parent our first duty is not to pressurise them and not to overburden them with our expectations.

    MothersGurukul has recently posted:

  6. Sadhuvi says:

    Parents shouldn’t try to live the life of their children!!! Nice article!!!

  7. One topic that is really really close to my heart.We need to talk about Mental Health and this is crucial. Much needed post

  8. SoulMom says:

    The suicide rates in India are alarming. So is the academic pressure our children go through from an early age. We all want happy kids, but external factors are difficult to control. On one hand, we want them to be well-equipped in this competitive world. Yet to arrive there seems an arduous task.

  9. pythoroshan says:

    This is an excellent take on a subject that’s dear to my heart. Missed it on World Suicide Prevention Day but happy to find it now. Definitely sharing

  10. Akshata Ram says:

    Peer pressure and the extremely competitive environment are responsible. Everyone wants a good life. I was a part of thr race once upon a time and to be honest I feel my good academics gave me the opportunity to get a tip notch job which I love and enjoy. It’s stressful but when you love something you do, it’s the best place to be in. What I would like to highlight here is thr constant support from my parents who knew that I had it in to get that god medal but never asked me to. That indeed helped explain to bag it

  11. A great topic picked up by you. Being a teacher, I know how parents run after the marks which the kids are not able to fetch. There is a lot around happening to create a pressure on the child. At least the parents should avoid this. Important is to analyse and understand the capacity of the child.

  12. mahekg says:

    The stats are really very scary. I think we need to take care of mental health very diligently because its important and sensitive at the same time. Not all sticks have same height but every stick has its own importance thats what we need to learn may be,

  13. These stats are alarming. It’s not just the parents but everyone in the society equally responsible for building this unnecessary pressure on kids. I’m glad this conversation has started garnering attention.

  14. Career pressure is one of the many reasons students commit suicide. The pressure is too high and answers too few. I try and spread some awareness about mental health and suicide but there is just so much to tackle at once.

  15. This is a very important subject that needed to be addressed. Mental health is a big issue in modern times. And more and more students are burdened with the expectations of their parents. This article will hopefully help open the eyes of many parents,

  16. This sure frustrating. Ironically the situation hasn’t changed at all. From a generation older than us to us to this generation. It just seems to continue. The standards set by a society or imagined or by social status is sure affecting the kids. It’s time we changed. But it’s the parents and the school itself that needs to bring in this change.

  17. sushmitamalakar says:

    Absolutely correct! Everything that you have written is so true. It’s hight time that the young parents understand this!

  18. This is a nice post. You have raised some very good arguments here with pointers to know when expectations are too much.

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